Our Quarries




SSG Egyptian company established to cover all the Activities in the gypsum

We have our Mines and Quarries for Egyptian materials. We are consider one of manufactures and exporters for the world wide requested Egyptian materials gypsum


We have best Mines we have breaking machine for crushed Limestone in sina governorate and We have our Factory


Our customers are the people who deal, respect, and love the world of gypsum such as The building and Construction industry, factories, merchants, exporters and importers, architectects, executing engineers, decorative engineers antique lovers and collectors and also the end-customer who wants to add a lovely touch in his apartment by adding gypsum


Eng Aly
Eng. Aly abo ahmed

As we bring to life our dedication to deliver profitable growth and great moments, great brands and great people, we do so with a keen awareness 

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Company name:
Sina Stars Gypsum Co.

Head office address :

New Cairo, 5th district, Down Town, S3, 2nd floor , Cairo , Egypt.

Factory Address:

Ismailia, Quantara East, Industrial zone 2, Egypt.