Our Identity

Our identity



 SSG’s values Strength. Performance. & Passion are part of our strategy, our culture, and our identity.

 We are proud to show what we stand_for.


Integrity stands for recognizing the right thing to do, admitting mistakes, having the courage to stand firm on compliance, and taking appropriate action. We follow the SSG Code of Business Conduct and respect local laws in all situations.

Customer Excellence

Customer Excellence stands for understanding who our customers are and what they value. We build lasting relationships and provide the best possible solutions for them. We keep it simple and deliver on our promises.


Collaboration stands for seeking opportunities to work across boundaries, accepting different opinions, and finding common ground. We hold ourselves and others accountable and demonstrate empathy.

Drive for results

Driving for results stands for understanding what needs to be done to deliver on time with zero harm to people. We quickly adapt to changing circumstances, and do not over-promise and under-deliver.

Develop yourself and others

Developing yourself and others stands for taking responsibility for your own development and finding opportunities to develop others. We give and seek feedback, learn from our mistakes, and share our experiences..

Change/insp. leadership

Change and inspirational leadership stands for promoting innovation, generating ideas, and challenging the status quo. We respect others’ views, celebrate success, and accept mistakes. We are consistent and fair in our decision making, motivating each other to perform..


Eng Aly
Eng. Aly abo ahmed

As we bring to life our dedication to deliver profitable growth and great moments, great brands and great people, we do so with a keen awareness 

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Company name:
Sina Stars Gypsum Co.

Head office address :

New Cairo, 5th district, Down Town, S3, 2nd floor , Cairo , Egypt.

Factory Address:

Ismailia, Quantara East, Industrial zone 2, Egypt.