SSG Governance

SSG governance


SSG ensures transparent leadership and management geared to long-term success.

 focusing not only on business risks and the company's reputation, but also on corporate social responsibility.

As a responsible business, we recognize the significance of effective corporate governance. 

We show respect for society and the environment, communicate in an open and transparent manner, and act in accordance with legal, corporate and ethical guidelines. 

To underline this, a Code of Business Conduct binding for the entire Group has been added to the mission statement.

SSG’s Code of Business Conduct is the framework for guiding the behavior of all our employees. It guides our way of doing business, and it provides examples to help employees when they are confronted with challenging situations in their daily work.

SSG's culture is to conduct all business with integrity and with the highest ethical standards. 

Our credibility in the communities in which we operate depends upon us working together to build a sustainable future based on fairness and honesty. 

With this in mind. The Code is firmly anchored in our Values: Strength, Performance, Passion.




Eng Aly
Eng. Aly abo ahmed

As we bring to life our dedication to deliver profitable growth and great moments, great brands and great people, we do so with a keen awareness 

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Company name:
Sina Stars Gypsum Co.

Head office address :

New Cairo, 5th district, Down Town, S3, 2nd floor , Cairo , Egypt.

Factory Address:

Ismailia, Quantara East, Industrial zone 2, Egypt.