Company profile

Company profile

 SSG's core business includes the manufacture and distribution of Gypsum.

Sina Stars Gypsum  currently has  major manufacturing site in Quantara East city,Ismailia, and as well as  gypsum mine in Sina.

To maintain its position in the market, Sina Stars Gypsum recently worked on a significant enhancement of its manufacturing capacity to ensure the ongoing high quality of its market-leading branded products, whilst continuing to meet the growing demand for Gypsum, in addition to maintaining its own selfimposed high levels of service to its customers.




Sina Stars Gypsum  is an Egyptian company established 2012 employing 75 people, using SAP management information system with production capacity of 18000 mtons/month from it's plant site in Quantara East city,Ismailia Governorate, With a market presence on every city.

 Thanks to our market-oriented structures.

Sina Stars Gypsum intends to spread it's quality gypsum product than any other competitor, to create a strong foothold in each individual market, and providing stable earnings

Aiming to keep a balanced portfolio, SSG's business strategy is based on continuous growth in both developed economies and emerging.

Sustainable value creation

Our key objective is to create value to sustainable development at an economic, ecological and social level. Looking to secure the company's long-term success through an exceptional operational performance and a solid return on the invested capital.

General Company Information




Company name : Sina Stars Gypsum Co.

         Head office : New Cairo, 5th district, Down Town, S3, 2nd floor, Cairo . Egypt

         Factory       : Ismailia, Quantara East, Industrial zone 2, Egypt

Person in charge
    Name  : Mr.Amr Abo Hashim
    Phone : 0020 107000380
        e-mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Company Details
        Date of creation              : May 2012
        Main areas of activity      : Manufacturing of Gypsum Powder
        Main products                : Stucco Gypsum
        main customers             : Constructors , Decorators , Agriculture's

        Yearly Turn Over            : 8 000 000 $.

        Production  capacity 600 M/Tons bagged per day
        Complying with ES 188H1/2005
        Using German Technology, Applied on a.
        New production line manufactured in Turkey and Germany
        Controlled by SCADA system



Eng Aly
Eng. Aly abo ahmed

As we bring to life our dedication to deliver profitable growth and great moments, great brands and great people, we do so with a keen awareness 

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Company name:
Sina Stars Gypsum Co.

Head office address :

New Cairo, 5th district, Down Town, S3, 2nd floor , Cairo , Egypt.

Factory Address:

Ismailia, Quantara East, Industrial zone 2, Egypt.